Growing Your Law Firm: Creating Leads and Converting to Clients

Cooper Saunders of WiseGuys Digital Marketing and Adam Boyd of The Northwood Group share best practices on growing your firm. Cooper will discuss how to create leads online, while Adam Boyd will cover how to run intake and consults that actually turn into paying clients.

Thursday May 16th, 3pm CST


Thursday May 16th, 3pm CST

Meet Adam and Cooper

Adam Boyd

Adam Boyd (3)


  • Best practices in intake. You’ve spent money to get the leads, and you’re waiting to talk to them. What’s happening on the phone between those ad dollars and your consult? 
  • Mistakes attorneys make in trying to win clients. Too often, attorneys - across practice areas - make the same mistakes. We’ll cover how you can avoid these.
  • Repeatable process. No matter who is handling the consult, you want consistency. We’ve seen that the right process can almost double your win rates with potential clients. We walk you through the one we’ve seen grow billings by 70%.

Adam didn’t go to law school, though he did take practice LSATs. When he saw his scores, he opted for business school.

He has over 15 years experience working with small to mid-sized businesses on sales growth, and he’s personally sold several million dollars in professional services. So he gets what it means to be the product.

He’s consulted in over 20 industries, had an exit, worked in turnarounds, started a business from the ground floor, and had his share of failures. He’s cold called, sold to CEOs, built and managed campaigns, and led teams to set records.

He began his career as a high school English teacher and football coach.

He holds a BA from Rhodes College, and an MBA from the Acton School of Business. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and their four kids.

Cooper Saunders

  • Solving the lead problem. Not having enough leads is the silent assassin destroying law firms around the country. It’s simple -  get more leads, and you will increase your revenue and the long-term success of your law firm.
  • Utilizing Google Ads Conversion metrics is like playing Blackjack and knowing how to count cards. Implementing conversion tracking with the right bid strategy gives you an unfair advantage over everyone else.
  • Google doesn't always tell you the whole truth about what's best for you. They do what's good for you and best for them. Our years of experience in implementing Google Ads for law firms will make your dollars go further.

Cooper Saunders is the Founder and CEO of WiseGuys Digital Marketing. He is a three-time national best-selling author located in Kansas City, Missouri. Cooper has worked with law firms across the United States to grow their revenue with digital marketing. He is widely recognized as one of the top digital marketing experts in the legal field. Simply put, he knows how to grow law firms with digital marketing. To learn more, visit

We've helped attorneys double close rates. Without cutting their fees. Join us to learn how.

The problem is that attorneys are trained to litigate, not sell. Marketing agencies sell them on strategies to get more leads, but don’t provide the tools to close those leads. The result is that attorneys are working too hard and spending too much money to grow their firm.

We help clients install best practices in the intake and consult process. The result? A better show rate from PNCs, and higher conversion rates. Some of our clients even start raising prices as they improve conversions.

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Win more clients. Stabilize cash flow, and then grow your firm. Build a practice that is a business asset, and not an employment trap.

We’ve seen our close rate increase by 25%

"Our attorneys were skeptical about being trained by a non-attorney on how to talk to clients and potential clients. We did get quite a bit of pushback from them at the beginning. However, we’ve seen our close rate increase by 25%. We’ve also deployed the training into other areas outside of consults. We’ve noticed we have more productive conversations with clients about negotiations, settlements, and trial strategy."

John Butler


Our Growth Paid For It Quickly

"Adam is a great listener, works hard to learn the company and the needs you have to grow your business and build your team to sell. He came in, learned a unique business, and customized a sales solution to help the team grow. Once the team learned the process he taught them, they blew away all of the goals that were set. Our growth paid for his service very quickly. This gave the team huge confidence and our numbers hockey sticked consistently after Adam helped us."

Howard Schaffer


Paramount To My Success

“Adam has been paramount to my success as his coaching helped me soar to the top of my field! The sales skills he’s helped me develop will serve me for many years to come. If you’re ready to break through to the top, Adam is THE coach to take you there, period.”

Keeley Hubbard


Full Steam Ahead

"If you are interested in working with Adam, you should go full steam ahead and not look back but consider yourself lucky to have the opportunity. Great person and amazing insight."

Brandon Lee