2 Day Sales Intensive

January 31- February 1
9-3:30 CST each day

Whether you sell for fun, for a living, or just because you have to (you are the owner, founder, or CEO), you know there’s only so much you can learn from talking to colleagues or reading books. That’s why I’m offering an immersive, 2 day sales intensive.

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In our 2 Day Intensive, attendees will learn:

How to effectively position and frame their products or services

A process to follow every time, regardless of how unique someone believes the deal is

How to discuss money at the right time, in the right way

Storytelling techniques that reframe the offer

Tools for handling pushback and resistance

Where they are getting in the way of getting deals closed

How slowing down their sales process can actually speed up wins

Why it’s not about objections

How to differentiate in a competitive or commoditized market

What it means to sell value

What metrics they need to watch and manage

How to set expectations for both sides, at every step of the way

Tactics for email, phone, and guerilla outreach

Why the early discovery calls are everything

How to strike a balance between disqualifying AND moving opportunities forward

To build their confidence and conviction in going after opportunities

What Others Are Saying

Using Adam’s coaching program has increased lead responses instead of just going cold.  Great material and look forward to more of it!

~ Jeremy Jungbauer, Director of Investor Relations, Stallion Capital Management

Adam’s sales training was transformative for me and my team. 

After three weeks working with him, I had the confidence to raise the price of a project by 50%. I sold the project using what he taught me. The training paid for itself, fast. 

Unlike other trainings I’ve done, this one felt very practical. I was able to immediately implement new tactics and see them working.

Since beginning this program, I’ve stopped wasting time with leads who won’t ever convert. I get to an answer - yes or no - so much faster. Ultimately, that means more sales in less time so I get to focus on the parts of my business that I love.

~ Matt Gore, Principal, Optio

When I had to start making sales for my startup, I didn’t know where to start. Adam not only trained me on how to close a deal, but also gave me the confidence I needed to start speaking to potential clients. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to grow their business and close more deals. 

~ Meghan Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief, MyPoint.TV

In the first couple years of my career I was in sales and I was terrible at it. I was nervous as hell and always trying to be perfect on my calls. To improve, I took lots of training, practiced daily, and - over a long period of time - grew into a solidly average salesperson... so I've had multiple sales coaches and read dozens of books on sales. 


Adam is by far the best I've worked with because he makes it easy for me to take chances and make mistakes. He reminds me that it's about improvement... not perfection.  That makes it a lot more fun for me and I end up trying more of what he's taught us. As a result, the quality of my calls has improved exponentially and I finally feel confident in my current business asking clients to pay me what I know I'm worth (which is a lot more than what I was charging!). He's moved the needle for me a lot and so I regularly recommend him to people looking to make more money. 

~ Matt Duckworth, Principal, Rhapsodi Consulting

I am beyond grateful to Adam for the time and thought he put into training me! There was never a doubt that what he was going over with me was tailored to both what I was doing and more importantly my personality. I saw IMMEDIATE results with my client-facing interactions that have translated into some of the biggest deals of my life. Adam also has the ability to utilize every minute of our sessions. There is no fluff, but instead, an urgency that sends the message that my time is valuable and he wants to make sure my investment counts. I appreciated that. Being coached by Adam has literally been a decade in the making, and I honestly regret undervaluing what coaching like this could do not only for my career but also for my family. I am truly thankful to Adam. 

~ Joseph Aboussie, Senior Account Manager, Qt Group

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Who should attend?

Who should NOT attend?


Business owners, CEOs, GMs, or company presidents who have to sell.


Anyone managing sales in a B2B or high ticket B2C environment.


Consultants who are great at delivering but uncomfortable selling.


Solopreneurs new to the sales game.


Those required to prospect and/or run full cycle sales.


AEs, BDOs, or anyone tasked with winning business.


People who want to learn, take responsibility, are coachable, and willing to take risks.


Those in competitive markets.


Those who see opportunity in their market, and know they or their company can do more.

People who want to be on slack or email all day during the sessions

Those looking for complicated talk tracks, worksheets to memorize, or something academic

Those who have all the answers

Those who won’t take the risk of role playing with peers

People who only want to tell war stories

People who make excuses about how “every deal is unique”

People who don’t want to implement what they learn

Those looking for hacks or shortcuts

Should you attend?

What’s included?

In the 2 days, attendees will be exposed to new and old concepts, but will spend a large portion of their time practicing the concepts in role plays and simulations.

They’ll also engage in exercises involving:

Understanding their customer

Leveraging language used by their customers

Mapping pivotal points in the sales process

Reworking their messaging

Finding ways to anchor and quantify impact for prospects

Constructing a great early qualification call

Attendees will be asked to complete a small amount of pre-work ahead of time.

Bonus Frameworks:

An Opportunity Checklist

A Sales Process Overview

Messaging Maps

A Sales Activity Plan

Get ready to sell