Meet Adam Boyd, Founder of Northwood Group

A sales strategist and trainer with almost two decades of experience, Adam has helped hundreds of companies simplify and scale their sales processes.

As founder of The Northwood Group, Adam now advises middle market companies on all aspects of their sales organizations. His clients have seen a near-doubling of close rates, an increase in prices by 15 percent, and several successful exits.


Northwood Group’s Story

The Northwood Group launched in 2019 as a response to those who were frustrated with the one-size-fits-all sales training programs that failed to drive sustained growth. Adam Boyd envisioned a consultancy grounded in customization, strategy, and simplicity.

We've sought to understand an organization's core and tailor our strategies to their unique challenges and opportunities. Even when they wanted something that wouldn't work. Think of us not as consultants, but as your partners in cutting through the noise. We will make your sales process refreshingly straightforward yet powerful.

Our Process

With our Predictive Growth Framework™, we map out sales strategies and training tailored to

your specific challenges. Forget the complex. We do simple.

Focused on What Works

We strip things down to what’s essential.

Developing Leadership

We transform managers into mentors.

Real-World Application

Our training is designed for the real world.

More Than Just Sales Numbers

We positions your company for long-term growth.

Finite Engagements

We believe in teaching you to fish, not just feeding you for a day.

Choosing us means adopting a perspective where simplicity drives success, setting the stage for a sales operation that’s not just effective but predictably so.

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We help middle market companies when they need more conversations with potential customers to...convert to closed deals.
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