Begin Closing More New Clients In A Month

Win More Clients…Without Cutting Your Fees.

Professional service providers leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table every month. Because they lack the process and tools to consistently…sell.

This is true for:

  • Attorneys
  • Tax specialists, bookkeepers, accountants
  • Wealth managers
  • Engineers
  • Management consultants
  • Insurance, benefits, and retirement experts

Stop and ask yourself: do you find yourself or your firm...

Cutting fees or prices to win business;

Providing free consulting or advice to non-clients, hoping to win them;

Getting involved in scope creep routinely, making it harder to get more done;

Trying in vain to rephrase how your firm is different from your competitors; 

Wondering why these prospects aren’t closing?

You may have read books on sales, or gone to seminars.

You probably have talked to others in your field about what works for them.

Perhaps you’re spending more on marketing, hoping it’ll do more than increase costs.

The Problem?

Most technical experts, while really good at their craft, haven’t formally learned to sell, even though they’ve spent years in school or their career honing their expertise.


That expertise actually works against them when trying to win a new client. What makes someone a great attorney, financial expert, wealth manager, or consultant may not make them great when selling a client.

They need a process and set of tools to effectively move prospective new clients to existing clients, without high-pressure tactics or cutting price.

I know how it feels

I've been there. 16 years ago...

I was a freshly-minted MBA selling consulting services. For a well-regarded firm. And couldn’t put it together. Sales was uncomfortable for me, painful even. I feared rejection, and was frustrated that I couldn’t close opportunities I’d worked hard to create. With a young family at home, the pressure to make more money was immense, and every sales meeting with a potential client felt like a high stakes affair. I was struggling and not enjoying the work. Asking others for help and reading books didn’t help. I had to change.

But after learning a process and developing the skills to manage the sales opportunities I developed, I sold millions in professional services.

The Solution

Winning Clients: The Sales Training Program for  Professional Service Providers

Adam Boyd (1)

I’ve been working with professional services firms over the last 15 years in private settings. Clients routinely...

Raise prices quickly

Win more deals faster

Feel more confident in their selling

Receive better reviews from prospects and clients online

Now I’m rolling out a 10 week group program for professionals seeking to level up their sales game.

Only 12 Spots available for this 10-week program

Win More Clients…Without Cutting Your Fees.

How it works

In this 10-week program, you’ll receive:

1. Live Training

  • 10 weekly live sessions with content and live role play
  • Weekly video content ahead of time
  • 2 additional “Office Hours” sessions
  • Videos of all sessions

2. Best Practices, Tools, & Templates

  • The process I install with my clients to simplify and clarify their selling
  • Sales tools I’ve taught sales teams of billion-dollar tech companies, law firms, and boutique consulting companies
  • Best practices from across industries
  • The questions to change the direction of conversations
  • A method of talking about money that makes it easier for you and the potential client
  • Templates I use with my clients

3. Consulting & Support

  • A review of your sales process as it now stands
  • A re-tooling of your pitch or story, so you don’t look, sound, or feel like your competitors
  • The mindset that reduce pressure in a selling environment
  • The skills needed to build relationships with potential clients quickly
  • Tactics to reduce pressure on your fees
  • Practices to drive more referrals
Adam Boyd (2)


When you enroll now, you also get:

  • A review of a call with a potential client
  • A private session to rework your message
  • Bonus session on prospecting, email, and tech tools

Are you a fit for this program?

You are NOT a fit for this program if…

  • You don’t want to be challenged or you’re not coachable;
  • You have 0 new opportunities coming in;
  • A new client is worth a few hundred dollars.

You are a fit for this program if…

  • You’re routinely getting potential new client meetings;
  • You’re in a competitive or new field and wanting to differentiate;
  • You’re willing to put in the work and time to develop a new skill set;
  • A new client is worth 4 figures or more;
  • You know your material cold but are uncomfortable selling, or unsure how to best do it.

What others are saying

"Adam’s sales training was transformative for me and my team. After three weeks working with him, I had the confidence to raise the price of a project by 50%. I sold the project using what he taught me. The training paid for itself, fast. Unlike other trainings I’ve done, this one felt very practical. I was able to immediately implement new tactics and see them working. Since beginning this program, I’ve stopped wasting time with leads who won’t ever convert. I get to an answer - yes or no - so much faster. Ultimately, that means more sales in less time so I get to focus on the parts of my business that I love."

Matt Gore | Principal, Optio

"We've worked with Adam at Northwood and he's helped our accounting & finance services outsourcing business improve every step of our sales process. What we do now feels very natural and honest, but we're closing a much greater percentage of all our opportunities now. Our pricing has also gone up by at least 10% since we started working with him and we have much deeper relationships with clients. We've grown about 30% this last year as a result, so I would definitely recommend Adam if you're looking for help with closing more business."

Matt Duckworth | Principal, Rhapsodi


"Adam has a nuanced understanding of how your target customers' brains thing about being sold to. If you have a valuable sales funnel, what you say and how you say it really does drive (or kill) conversion. Thanks for your help Adam!"

Dave Williams | Partner, The Practice Companies


"An expert in sales and communication, Adam has helped us to connect more effectively with our customers which has led to longer lasting relationships and greater satisfaction. Our company has grown significantly due to his coaching and guidance. He gets our highest recommendation for anyone who wants to be a more effective marketer, salesman or consultant."

Tim Hamilton | CEO, Praxent


“Thank you SO much! I can already tell this is the best investment of time and money I’ve made in years."

Keeley Hubbard | Sales Consultant


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Only 12 spots available

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About the Program Leader

Adam Boyd has…

  • 12,500+ hours experience training and coaching owners, executives and professionals
  • Trained and coached over 1500+ salespeople, owners and professionals
  • Worked with over 120 companies representing 40+ markets
  • Seen 30+ clients have successful exits
  • Sold millions in professional services, personally
  • 1 exit after increasing customer acquisition by 5x
  • 2 stints as a middle market executive