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Sales Expertise for B2B Business Leaders.

We help sales teams grow their business by providing them with the training and coaching they need.

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Grow your business with the help of Northwood Group

We help entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and individuals level up their sales game. It’s not just about having a great product, or team, or market. It’s about how we connect with our prospective customers, manage the conversations, and move toward deals that work for everyone. We focus on B2B professional services, commercial finance, insurance and tech sales.
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Sales Coaching

We have a long history of helping individuals and small-to-mid-sized businesses grow sales. Whether developing a referral base, cultivating a cold market by phone and email, working inbound leads, or managing longer sales cycles, we help owners, teams, and individuals predictably grow win rates and deal sizes.

Sales Training

Training is offered for growing companies who are seeking a tailored approach for their sales organization.

Sales Strategies

Northwood offers services to help you design, build, optimize, and if necessary, re-tool your sales organization.

Sales Coaching

Coaching is at the heart of Northwood’s work. Provided mostly in group settings, but in some cases in 1:1 formats.

Sales solutions, regardless of your current size or structure.

Our Principal
  • Has experience in numerous verticals, from services to SaaS, manufacturing to insurance, healthcare to finance.
  • Has worked with startups and mature, multi-billion dollar companies.
  • Has operated like you: selling, servicing, marketing, building systems and processes, and managing people.
Our Strategies
  • Are focused on solving a specific set of sales problems most companies face.
  • Are designed to help clients achieve their sales goals.
  • Are simple, clear, and proven.
Our Approach
  • Leverages a network of partners who bring expertise to the table in hiring, lead gen, digital marketing, and more.
  • Is based on repetition, simulation, and preparation for real-world scenarios.
  • Is not a quick fix, but seeks to find near term wins to fund future growth.

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