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Hire the Best Salesperson with One Simple Change.

Hire the Best Salesperson with One Simple Change. NOTE: Jason Lippman of nFusion Capital contributed heavily to this piece. “We’d love to put in a new fence for you, but we can’t even look at getting to you for 4 months. We are booked up, and just can’t get new people to fill out additional…

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7 Keys to Hiring for Growth

7 Keys to Hiring for Growth The Fallacy of, “We Won’t Overpay.” “We’re not going to overpay. For anyone or anything.” A president of a company recently said this about a key hire he planned to make. The delta between the candidate’s ask and the offer they were willing to make was somewhere between 30…

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Your First Sales Hire

Your First Sales Hire (Especially if you’re bringing something new to the market.) When you do something long enough, you notice patterns. Having spent 13+ years working with B2B companies to grow sales, there are several patterns that have become predictable. The early-stage company struggling to nail their first 1-2 sales hires might as well…

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