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I trust him so much

"I originally hired Adam to help me freshen up my team. I thought we'd do a one day event. We kept him around for over 7 years. He helped with sales, from designing, installing and training processes, to helping with how we hired and developed our people. He later worked with our customer-facing operations personnel, designing their processes and helping them install the tools he delivered. He understood our culture and fit in. We saw remarkable growth during that time, and he was part of it. I trust him so much I introduced him into over a dozen close colleagues over the years."

Cole Harmonson | Founder and former CEO, Far West Capital; Founder and CEO, Dare Capital 

Full steam ahead

"If you are interested in working with Adam, you should go full steam ahead and not look back but consider yourself lucky to have the opportunity. Great person and amazing insight."

Brandon Lee | VP Sales, Marcus Technologies


Paramount to my success

“Adam has been paramount to my success as his coaching helped me soar to the top of my field! The sales skills he’s helped me develop will serve me for many years to come. If you’re ready to break through to the top, Adam is THE coach to take you there, period.”

Keeley Hubbard | Principal KH Consulting


Can Help any company improve sales

“I’ve seen first hand, across two companies, how Adam delivers repeatable results. He’s great to work with and can help any company improve their sales.”

Howard Schaffer, former GM, Offers.com (acquired by Ziff Davis); former SVP, Beneplace (acquired by EBG); Investor


Small and middle market businesses face many common challenges when it comes to their sales teams:

Sales cycles taking too long

Pressure on margins from buyers

Inconsistent results

Concentration issues

Difficulty getting to the “next level” in revenue.

Building a great team

Sometimes the issue is people. Sometimes it’s process, or lack thereof. Sometimes it’s a structural problem. And sometimes it’s an issue of know-how.  The solution should match the root cause.

We help you find it, address it, and sell more.

Adam Boyd (6)

Our Growth paid for it quickly

"Adam is a great listener, works hard to learn the company and the needs you have to grow your business and build your team to sell. He came in, learned a unique business, and customized a sales solution to help the team grow. Once the team learned the process he taught them, they blew away all of the goals that were set. Our growth paid for his service very quickly. This gave the team huge confidence and our numbers hockey sticked consistently after Adam helped us." 

Howard Schaffer | GM, Offers.com


So good we scheduled repeats

"Our work with Adam and Northwood Group was very beneficial to my team. They helped us improve our sales acumen and be more effective. He was also very flexible to our unique situation and needs, and was able to design a program that helped us meet those needs and accomplish our goals. In addition, the customer service and follow up was fantastic. The service was so good and helpful that we scheduled repeat and follow up training as we onboarded new team members."

Wesley McClure | Director of Admissions, Hargrave Military Academy


Our growth is the proof

“Adam has been more than a resource, but a strategic partner.  Pushing our management and sales team to follow a process and be consistent.  Our sales people love him because he coaches and holds them accountable to get better. Their wins and our growth are the proof.”

Brant Couch | CEO HealthSure 

Adam Boyd (2)

Attorneys, consultants, tax experts, accountants and bookkeepers, and marketers have to win the business and deliver. Too often, though, they don’t feel comfortable selling: it’s not their core expertise.

When we work with professional service providers, we find they often have challenges with:

Talking about and asking for money;

Building relationships quickly with potential clients;

Over-educating potential clients;

Not knowing how and when to ask for the business without looking pushy or salesy.

We give professional service providers a repeatable process, the tools needed to consistently execute that process, and best practices to grow their billings, month over month.

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Transfortmative for me and my team

"Adam’s sales training was transformative for me and my team. After three weeks working with him, I had the confidence to raise the price of a project by 50%. I sold the project using what he taught me. The training paid for itself, fast. Unlike other trainings I’ve done, this one felt very practical. I was able to immediately implement new tactics and see them working. Since beginning this program, I’ve stopped wasting time with leads who won’t ever convert. I get to an answer - yes or no - so much faster. Ultimately, that means more sales in less time so I get to focus on the parts of my business that I love."

Matt Gore | Principal, Optio


Improved every step of the sales process

"We've worked with Adam at Northwood for a little over a year now and he's helped our accounting & finance services outsourcing business improve every step of our sales process. What we do now feels very natural and honest, but we're closing a much greater percentage of all our opportunities now. Our pricing has also gone up by at least 10% since we started working with him and we have much deeper relationships with clients. We've grown about 30% this last year as a result, so I would definitely recommend Adam if you're looking for help with closing more business."

Matt Duckworth | Principal, Rhapsodi 


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  • Go-to-market Strategy: Where do you focus your resources, and how do you deploy them?
  • Infrastructure: Is your organization set up to win, manage, and growth client accounts?
  • Sales Process: How do we know if everyone is focused on the right things at the right time?
  • Pipeline and Forecasting: Can we build a pipeline that finance believes?
  • Messaging: How do we speak to the market so that they get we’re different?
  • Metrics and KPIs: What should we be looking at besides closed business?
  • Playbooks: What’s the knowledge we want to capture and pass on to new hires?
  • Compensation and Incentives: Is our compensation plan helping or hurting?


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